HIV/AIDS Prevention Activities Said Successful

The Federal HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office (HAPCO) said the efforts made during the past five years to curb the speared of HIV/AIDS have yielded remarkable results.

In Search of "Made-to-Measure" HIV Prevention

With more than half of all Ethiopian adults tested for HIV in the past five years and a campaign for behaviour change in place, specialists are now calling for a more targeted approach.

565,000 People Receive VCT In SNNP

More than 565,000 people have received Voluntarily Counseling and blood Testing (VCT) in South Ethiopia Peoples State over the last six months, state’s health bureau said.

HIV/AIDS Prevalence Rate Decreasing In Ethiopia

The Federal HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office (FHAPCO) said that HIV/AIDS prevalence rate has been declining significantly in Ethiopia.

This thematic area is intended to strengthen the foundation that ensures effective and efficient response against HIV/AIDS at all levels. Thus it encompasses various strategies and interventions that lead to ensuring capacity in the health sector, and other Key government sectors, among non government organizations, civic societies at grass root level and in the private sector. It also implies that the community needs to be empowered to own and implement the response through various community interventions. The thematic area also addresses strategies that will be carried out to ensure ownership and stronger and meaningful involvement by the leadership at various levels. As it sounds necessary that all sectors, public or private, need to own the response, and put in place a system that ensures ownership and preparedness to respond to the epidemic which otherwise is a threat to attain the visions and missions of the respective sectors, the thematic area has incorporated interventions that help to establish a system of integrating the HIV AIDS response with the routine duties of the sector. All of these are strategized and are on implementation accordingly.

General Objective:To create an enabling environment for scaled up and comprehensive HIV/AIDS multisectoral response.

This thematic area has five sub-thematic areas: (1) capacity building, (2) community mobilization and empowerment, (3) leadership and governance, (4) mainstreaming, and (5) coordination and partnership.

Quick Facts

  • 33.3 million
  • 33.3 million[31.4-35.3] people were living with HIV worldwide in 2009
  • 1.8 million
  • In 2010 there were 1.8 million AIDS-Related deaths, lower than the 2.2 million in 2005

[Source: WHO/UNAIDS]