Strategic Objectives

There are six Strategic Objectives underpinned by critical social and programmatic enablers
Strategic Objective 1:Reach 90% of Key and Priority populations with targeted combination HIV prevention interventions by 2025
Strategic Objective 2: Enhance HIV case finding to attain 95% of PLHIV knowing their HIV status and linked to care by 2025
Strategic Objective 3: Attain virtual elimination of Mother to Child Transmission (MTCT) of HIV and Syphilis by 2025
Strategic Objective 4: Enroll 95% of PLHIV who know their status into HIV care and treatment and attain viral suppression to at least 95% for those on antiretroviral treatment
Strategic Objective 5: Mobilize resources and maximize efficiencies in allocation and utilization
Strategic Objective 6: Enhance generation and utilization of Strategic Information for an accelerated evidence-based response