PEPFAR in Ethiopia, in accordance with the framework agreement entered between it and the Ethiopian Government has been providing extensive technical and financial support of the Government’s multi-secotral response to halt the progress of the HIV/AIDS epidemics and mitigate its consequences. Though, there is an endless effort since the outbreak of HIV pandemic to bring the problem to its manageable scale, irregularities of the incidence and prevalence rate with regions, urban and rural setups, age and sex is still big hurdle to the nation to meet the Global and National 90-90-90/95-95-95 goals to impact HIV.
Prevention, treatment and care are keys in reducing the number of new HIV infections. HIV treatment has a significant impact in preventing the sexual transmission of HIV, referred to as “Treatment as Prevention” (TasP). Ethiopia with the support of PEPFAR has begun implementing the Undetectable equals Un-transmittable /U=U/ campaign from October/2020. The main objective of the campaign is to minimize the sexual transmission of HIV to nearly zero among sero-discordant couples by making the person living with HIV to take antiretroviral (ARVs) drugs daily and reaching viral undetectable level after the first 6 months (typically HIV-1 RNA So, the PEPFAR/CDC project is implemented across all regions and city administrations in collaboration with all regional health bureaus, HIV/AIDS prevention and Control offices, PLHIV associations and networks and other key stakeholders. Key activities in the project include:-

  • Developing concept notes, strategies and tools to guide the implementation of the project
  • Message development and campaigning on demand creation for viral load testing, adherence to ART, and maintaining and maintaining viral load suppression as well reducing to the level undetectable viral load
  • Capacity building and system strengthening in terms viral load service and ART adherence
  • Strengthening combination HIV prevention activities